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Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Chase Bank is the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of the financial services company, JP Morgan Chase and Co. Regarded as one of the big four banks of the United States, it has the most number of ATMs in the country, i.e. over 16000. It also has over 5100 branches in the country, making it the second largest networked bank.
Chase Bank offers all the major banking services to its customers, including banking accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and investments. The easy accessibility of the bank works in the favor of it, but customers do show some dissatisfaction time and again with its rates and fee schedule. Here are all the services offered by the Chase Bank.

Services offered by Chase bank

Chase Bank promises to put its customers before anything else and calls it a driving force to provide the best service. The claim rings true as the bank offers the most extensive set of services with good rewards. The customers of the bank are satisfied in general despite their high fees.

Checking Accounts

There are three types of checking accounts offered by Chase Bank. The most common one is the Total Checking Plan with a monthly fee of $12 with no interest rate. However, if you wish to earn an interest, you can opt for the Chase Premier Plus Checking. This checking account has a higher fee of $25 but offers an interest rate of 0.01%, lesser than many of its competitors. However, if you meet a specified criteria, this monthly fee can be waived as well.

Savings Accounts

The bank also offers savings account services to its customers but has quite a low interest rate on them. The interest rate offered by the bank is 0.01% which is a common one, but lower as compared to many of its competitors.

Credit Cards

Chase Bank offers some of the highest numbers of credit card options to its customers. It offers 21 types of credit cards depending on the need of the customer. There are standard rewards cards, cards meant for small businesses, and the ones for frequent travelers as well. The cards for frequent travelers come with travel rewards options, no foreign transaction fees, etc. The bank also offers a Card Finder tool that helps you find the card that you need.

Online Banking

Chase offers some of the best online and banking apps. You can find the nearest ATM, make deposits, pay bills, and transfer money with the app. The Chase quickDeposit feature allows a customer to deposit a check by just taking a picture of it. However, the bank charges a fee for that option. For more information on online banking please check this Chase online logon guide.


Chase Bank offers various types of loans like student loans, business loans, home loans, along with VA loans. You can also get fixed-rate mortgages for 10, 20, or 30 years or adjustable rate one for 5/1 and 7/1.

Investment Banking

If you’re looking to invest your money but don’t know where to start form, Chase Bank offers Financial Advisors. These advisors will help you find the right investment strategy for your goals based on the risk you can take. Apart from that, the company also offers to handle mutual funds, college saving plans, and managed accounts. They also offer several retirement plans to help you go off into your golden days with ease. However, the bank doesn’t offer any annuity but is partners with several insurance providers and will help you through it.

Business Banking

Chase Bank offers checking accounts, lines of credit, and credit cards to various business, big or small. It offers merchant services that can be used to collect payment from the customers through the bank’s mobile app. It also offers payroll solutions to the businesses, and tracks time and attendance as well, in partnership with ADP.
Chase Bank offers great banking solutions to all its customers and customizes them as per their customer needs. The only issue the customers seem to have with the bank if the fee they charge for it. However, the bank does allow several options to waive the said fee for accounts, credit cards, etc. if they meet a certain criteria.

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