Fidelity Routing Number

Fidelity Bank is one of the best banks in the American financial sector. They have been providing exceptional services for over 71 years. Founded in 1946, Fidelity was the brainchild of Edward C. Johnson. The headquarters are located in Boston, but it has expanded all across the country. The bank offers services pertaining to the mutual fund sector, brokerage and retirement plans which means that there is something for everybody.

The bank is known to support new innovations in the world of banking that make the customers’ work easier. All the employees are instructed to have a systematic approach when handling different investment opportunities. Whether you need help in planning or management, the bank will help you without any qualms. Their transparent pricing strategy is also a huge plus.

Fidelity makes sure that its customers are never caught by surprise. The brilliant staff which includes experts and customer representatives will keep you up to date about every development in your affairs.

Fidelity Universal Routing Number101205681

Where to find the Routing Number on the Fidelity Check?

When you are making transactions with your bank, you will need something called a bank routing number. Also called a routing transit number, it consists of nine digits that are helpful in identifying the financial institution you are using to complete the transaction. While you might always need the routing number, you will definitely need it during ACH and wire transfers.

There are some specific banks and credit unions which have more than one routing number so as to suit a variety of purposes or branch divisions.

The routing number can be ideally found on the check which you will submit. If you want to know the number, then all you need to do is study it properly.

To know Fidelity’s routing number, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your chequebook to a blank check and note the bottom corner to your left. The first nine digits notes constitute the Fidelity routing number.
  2. If you want to be on the safe side, then just know that the Fidelity routing number is 101205681.

Now that you know the Fidelity routing number, you will be able to complete all different kinds of transactions as long as you know your account number. Fidelity wants to make the banking business as easy for you as possible which is why the routing number is so easy to locate!