PNC Bank Online Banking Login: How to Easily Find (and Bookmark) It

PNC Bank online banking offers a number of excellent features that take the user into the 21st century. A wealth of security features as well as access to a virtual wallet means that PNC Bank are pushing the boundaries for their customers.

This combined ensures that PNC Bank makes it easy for customers to deal with their money and keep it easy to access at any time. The PNC Bank online security features also ensure that you are able to keep track of your spending at any moment in time.

Few users are reporting on some finance forums that they are facing difficulties to find the PNC Bank online banking login URL. With that in mind, here is the simplest and safest way to bank online via Suntrust website or the mobile apps.

How to Find PNC Bank Online Banking Login Page on Desktop?

    1. Navigate to the PNC Bank website, which is located here (
    2. On the right hand side there is an orange box where it asks for your User ID and password
pnc bank online banking login form desktop
PNC Bank online banking login form on desktop
  1. Enter your details into the relevant boxes
  2. Click the login button
  3. You will now be logged into your PNC Bank online banking account

How to Login to PNC Bank on iOS?

  1. First you will need to search for the PNC Bank banking app on iTunes
  2. Once you have managed to find the app, download it and install it to your device
  3. Open the device and on the front page you will be prompted to enter your User ID and password
  4. Once this is done you will be logged in to your PNC Bank mobile app for iOS

Alternatively, you can download PNC Bank iPhone app by scanning this QR code:
pnc bank iphone app qr code

Where to Enter PNC Bank Online Banking Login Credentials on Android?

  1. First you will need to search for the PNC Bank banking app on Play Store
  2. Once you have managed to find the app, download it and install it to your device
  3. Open the device and on the front page you will be prompted to enter your User ID and password
  4. Once this is done you will be logged in to your PNC Bank mobile app for Android

Alternatively, you can download PNC Bank Android app by scanning this QR code:
pnc bank android app qr code

What Problems You May Expect When Logging in to PNC Bank and How to Deal With Them

There are sometimes issues with the PNC Bank servers. This will lead to the service being down and leaving you unable to login to the service. Unfortunately there isn’t much that you can do in this situation as it is just a case of waiting until the service is back online.

During this time though the branches will still be open and the phone lines will still be working. This means that you can still gain access to your bank account through other avenues and continue banking.

If you’re unable to access the website and their servers aren’t down then it could be your browser that is the issue. The first thing to check is if the browser is in its latest version. If it isn’t then you may need to update it.

You may also need to ensure that your browser is accepting cookies. If it isn’t then the bank website may not be able to allow you online. To check this just go into the options or settings section on your browser and change it to make sure that it is.

You should also check to make sure that your username and password aren’t affected by your keyboard. If your caps lock is on then it could be stopping your from logging in properly.

Bank Contact That Can Help You With PNC Bank Online Banking

The PNC Bank has a number of ways that you can garner help with your online banking. The first and easiest way to get in touch is by calling the online banking support number which is 1-888-PNC-BANK, which if your phone doesn’t have letters on is 1-888-762-2265.

If this still doesn’t sort out your problem then you can email PNC Bank from within your online banking account. This ensures that issues are resolved much faster as they are able to tally it up with your account instantly.

For any social media accounts information on how to contact them is all available here. (

If this doesn’t solve your issues then you could always write to the PNC Bank head office. The address for this is:
PNC Bank

222 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington, Delaware 19899

How to Pick up the Best Password for Online Banking?

Picking the best password for online banking is a difficult choice. You want a password that keeps your account secure, but you also don’t want one that you will struggle to remember. The best way to do this is to pick a random word that is easy to remember but isn’t linked to you or your loved ones. Once you have done this place numbers in a place where you will remember easily. It doesn’t have to be at the start or the end, it can be in the middle of the word if you like.

Ensure that you log into your online banking account every day, this will make it easier for you to commit your new password to memory without having a password that is easy to guess. This will ensure that your account is as secure as possible.

How Can You Keep Your PNC Bank Account Safe and Secure?

The first way that you can keep your PNC Bank online banking login credentials safe and secure is to make sure you don’t tell anyone your password. If you keep your password to yourself there is less chance of it becoming common knowledge to people. This includes writing it down anywhere too, you never know who you can trust and if your password is written down it could easily be taken by a less than scrupulous person.

The second way is to ensure that you have good quality security on your computer. Carry out regular virus checks. This will root out any malicious software that may have burrowed its way onto your computer to mine your passwords. This will help to keep your account secure as you account details won’t be stolen.

The PNC Bank online banking account also has a number of safety features included with its package. Two of these features are particularly useful, the ability to lock or unlock your debit card and the security centre. Using these features you will be able to keep your bank account secure if you suspect that something untoward has happened. All of these features come together to help you ensure that your online banking account is as secure as possible.

How to Spot Fake PNC Bank Sites and How to Avoid Them?

The PNC Bank website always has two important features that help you to realise that it is the official site. The first sign is that the web address will start with https:// The “s” added to the end of “http” stands for secure and ensures that the website is secure to attacks. If the web address doesn’t start with https:// then that is an instant red flag and will let you know that the website isn’t legitimate.

genuine pnc bank site vs phishing site
Real PNC Bank site vs phishing site

The second way is if the website address differs to the official PNC Bank website, which is If there is a spelling mistake in there or any slight variation then there is a good chance that the site is not legitimate.

Remember to stay away from emails that are sent to you asking you to log in, while it’s not always the case a lot of these emails are phishing scams that are aimed at getting your banking details from you.