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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PNC Financial services provides its services in 19 states with 2459 branches and 9051 ATMs. The bank also provides its services in the District of Columbia. The bank holding company and financial services corporation specializes in services like wealth management, asset management, estate planning, loans, and information processing.
The PNC bank is fourth largest in the United States based on the number of ATMs. It is also the fifth largest based on the number of branches, sixth largest in terms of deposits, and eighth in terms of assets. It is therefore, one of the largest banks in the country as well.

Here are all the services provided by PNC Bank

Services offered by PNC Bank

PNC Bank offers its services across the personal, business, and corporate domains. It provides banking, lending, investment, and wealth management services to all its consumers.

Checking Account

Virtual Wallet Spend, PNC’s Checking Account, charges a monthly fee of $7. The same can be waived if you have a minimum deposits of $500 every month. The Virtual Wallet allows one access to free mobile banking and online bill pay and also gives $50 sign up bonus. However, the Standard checking Account offered by the bank has same charges but does not give the $50 bonus.

Savings Accounts

PNC’s savings account Virtual Wallet Reserve gives an annual interest of 0.01% which is lesser than most of its competitors and the national average of 0.06%. The standard savings account too has a same rate along with a monthly fee of $5. This fee is waived off if the minimum balance maintained is $300. If you opt for the Virtual Wallet account, the bank provides you with a Growth money market account which returns a better interest rates than the other ones.

Credit Cards

PNC Bank provides four types of credit cards for its customers which include Cash Rewards card, Core Visa card, point Visa card, and Premier Traveler Card. They also offer specialized credit cards for students and different businesses. The cash rewards card earns you a cashback on purchases at various places like gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. The core visa cards and points visa cards charge low rate of interests and give better cash rewards on every purchase. Both of the cards don’t have an annual fee. PNC Bank also has a credit card for frequent travelers that provide you travel miles and no foreign transaction fees.

Mortgages and Loans

PNC Bank offers several loan programs like student loans, personal loans, home equity and more. For someone who is buying a house for the first time, the bank also provides them with the basics of attaining a home loan. They also provide you with advisors who’d help you decide the kind of loan you must get and the interest rate. The bank also provides mortgages for 30 years.

Online Banking

PNC Bank offers online and mobile banking that allows you to get online statements, transfer funds, and check your account summary as well. You can also set up your mobile phone to get regular alerts from the bank as well. Unlike many other banks, PNC provides all of its online and mobile banking services at free of cost. For more information on online banking please check this PNC bank online banking login guide.

Wealth Management

PNC Bank offers investment and wealth management solutions to all its customers. For someone who has just started or plans to invest their money, the bank provides them with financial advisors who’ll allow you to make better decisions with your money. It also offers student accounts and retirement accounts so that you can save money for the future as well. PNC bank also has set up retirement plans for its customers.

Business Banking

PNC Bank offers services to small businesses and corporates as well. It provides banking services, loans, investments and payroll services. The bank also provides with business credit cards based on one’s needs. One can also get industry solutions for their business from their financial advisors. Apart from that, it also offers services like asset management, treasury management, international services, and more to their corporate clients.
PNC Bank is a good option if you’re using their virtual wallet for your checking and savings account as those offer a better rate off interest than the standard ones. Apart from that, the bank’s online services are also helpful for the customers.

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