PNC Routing Number

PNC has an enticing range of services that will transform the way you handle your money. Whether it be small businesses, corporations, government entities or individual customers, the bank always delivers the best service it has to offer. They have all the products and resources you could possibly need in order to make the best of your earnings.

PNC is a pioneer in retail banking, and all their employees are dedicated to helping you find the easiest and the best investments. If you ever face any problem, you can rely on their amazing customer service. As their customer, you will be able to access their financial expertise and services whenever you need it. There are over 8 million consumers who swear by the service given by the bank.

The PNC branches and ATMs are spread across 19 states along with the District of Columbia which means that it has a nationwide network.

PNC is also known for their ability to come up with asset management insights and solutions that can help clients. Their wealth management programmers are customized according to the needs of the client.

Routing NumberProcess FedwireProcess FedACHRegistered NameLocation
031000053YYPncbank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
031100089YYPncbank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
031207607YYPnc Bank, New JerseyPittsburgh, PA
041000124YYPnc Bank, OhioPittsburgh, PA
043000096YYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
043002900YYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
083000108YYPnc Bank, Kentucky, Inc.Pittsburgh, PA
021200012NYPnc Bank NewarkPittsburgh, PA
021200575NYPnc Bank N.a.Pittsburgh, PA
021201943NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
021202191NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
021202311NYPnc Bank N.a.Pittsburgh, PA
021202447NYPnc Bank N.a.Pittsburgh, PA
031001175NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
031100490NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
031203999NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
031205913NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031300012NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031300562NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
031302447NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031306100NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031307426NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031307604NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031312738NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031313562NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031316967NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
031902766NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
041001246NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
041200144NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
041203895NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
041204166NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
041205521NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
041211298NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
041213814NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
041215278NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
042000398NYPnc Bank Ach ServicesPittsburgh, PA
042000424NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
042100049NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
042100188NYPnc Bank Ach ServicesPittsburgh, PA
042104249NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
042200279NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
042202426NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
042215248NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
043000122NYPnc Bank, PaPittsburgh, PA
043300738NYPnc BankPittsburgh, PA
043303832NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
043305131NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
044000011NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
051401331NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
051403517NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
051403630NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
051403915NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
051404118NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052000618NYPnc Bank Na, BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052100547NYPnc Bank Na, BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052100725NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052100893NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052100929NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052101106NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052101588NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
052102215NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
052102590NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
053100850NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
054000030NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
055000262NYPnc Bank Na - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055000288NYPnc Bank Na - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055000372NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055000657NYPnc Bank - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055000770NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055001054NYPnc Bank, Na - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055001122NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055001384NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055001698NYPnc Bank Na - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055001766NYPnc Bank Na Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055001876NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
055002244NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055002286NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
055002558NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
056004720NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
056008852NYPnc Bank Inc. - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
061103360NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
061119639NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
061192630NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
061203257NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
062001209NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
062202082NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
062203298NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
062205665NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
063110791NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
063114386NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
063114548NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
063114632NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
063114784NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
063214312NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
065103625NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
065103887NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
067003671NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
067012057NYPnc Bank, National AssociationRocky Mount, NC
067012882NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
067014194NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
071001630NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071100049NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071100324NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071100706NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071101174NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071201647NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071901882NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071921833NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
071921891NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072000915NYPnc Bank, MichiganPittsburgh, PA
072400353NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072400421NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072400670NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072401006NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072401585NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072402199NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
072412176NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
074000065NYPnc Bank, IndianaPittsburgh, PA
074000515NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
074900194NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
074912577NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
074912988NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
081000702NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
081000728NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
081001727NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
081004517NYPnc Bank, NaSt Charles, MO
081010860NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
083000056NYPnc Bank, KentuckyPittsburgh, PA
083000920NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
083009060NYPnc Bank, IndianaPittsburgh, PA
083902154NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
231371579NYPnc Bank, NaPittsburgh, PA
242070966NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
242071237NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
242071305NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
242071583NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
242072715NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
242170031NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
255072207NYPnc Bank Na - BaltimorePittsburgh, PA
261170546NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
262285184NYPnc Bank, National AssociationPittsburgh, PA
267084199NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
267087358NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
271070607NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
271070791NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
271971560NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
271971816NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
271973791NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
275071408NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
281073458NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH
281073568NYPnc Bank, NaCleveland, OH

Where to find the Routing Number on the PNC Check?

Wondering what a bank routing number is and why you need it? If you are associated with PNC, then you must be aware of their routing number so that all your transactions can be conducted safely.

A bank routing number is a collection of nine digits that is unique to a financial institution and can help identify for whatever purpose it might be. Called the routing transit number (RTN), routing number are necessary for certain transfers which is you must be aware of the correct number. There are some banks which have multiple routing numbers depending on which branch of the bank you are associated with.

As a customer of the PNC Bank, you can breathe a sigh of relief because they print the routing number on the paper check itself. If you are ever left wondering which routing number you should be using, then you can just check your chequebook. Open any paper check and look towards the bottom. Both your Account number and the Bank (ABA) Routing number should be printed towards the left. The first nine digits are the Bank Routing number which is the one you need. It is followed by the checking/savings account number and the check number.

If you are ever unsure, then you should get in touch with the PNC Customer Service or visit the nearest branch according to your convenience.