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Regions Bank provides retail and commercial banking, and is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The services include banking, trust, brokerage, mortgage, loans, and insurance products. The bank is concentrated in the Southern United States and Midwestern United States. With 1527 branches and 1906 ATMs, Regions Bank is one of the largest in the country. Regions Bank is the largest deposit holder in Alabama and Tennessee, with $22.67 billion and $17.3 billion in deposits respectively.

Here are the services offered by the Regions Bank

Services Offered by Regions Bank

Regions Bank is a full-service bank that offers products like business services, loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, home equity, and investments.

Checking Account

Regions bank offers 4 types of checking accounts namely, LifeGreen, LifeGreen Simple, LifeGreen eAccess, and LifeGreen Preferred. It also offers checking accounts designed especially for students and seniors. The LifeGreen checking account requires a minimum deposit of $50 and does not offer any interest. The LifeGreen eAccess and LifeGreen Preferred accounts do offer interest. These accounts require a monthly fee of $8 which can be waived when met with a certain criteria.

Savings Account

The savings accounts offered by Regions Bank are regions savings account, and regions LifeGreen savings account. The regions savings account has a $5 monthly fee and requires one to maintain a balance of $300 to waive it. The account can be opened with a deposit of $50. On the other hand, the regions LifeGreen savings account does not have any monthly fee. It can be opened if one has a regions checking account along with a deposit of $50. The interest rate of the account is quite low at 0.01% as compared to its competitors.

Credit Cards

Regions bank offers 4 type of credit cards namely, explore card, life card, prestige card, and premium card. The Explore card is a standard credit card that helps one build a positive credit history whereas the life card offers a lower rate. The Prestige and premium cards offer rewards on every purchase and, has many travel and merchant related benefits.

Online Banking

Regions bank offers both mobile and online banking services. One can check their balance, deposit money, and transfer funds through the banking. Some of the service require a fee to be paid but can be waived if met with the criteria. The mobile banking also allows the user to set up alerts for themselves for every transaction or new information. You can also pay your bills through the app. For more information on online banking please check this Regions online login guide.

Mortgage and Loans

Regions Bank offers several types of loans including home equity, personal loans, student loans, car loans, and more. The bank offers specialized services to help you figure out what kind of interest rate and pay you must get into. It offers both advisors and online calculators to ease the process. The bank offers 30 years mortgage as well, which can be calculated and customized based on your needs.


If you’re interested in making investments, Regions Bank offers specialized solutions for the same. They help you find out the best plan based on financial goals the risk you’re willing to take. They’ll also help you save for college, old age, or home, depending on your several needs. The bank also offers IRA solutions to the seniors. If you have private wealth that needs to be managed, Regions Bank also offers various solutions like asset management, estate planning, etc. to suit your needs.

Business Banking

Regions Bank provides services to both small business and large scale organizations. It provides business savings and checking accounts, cards, as well as, payroll services to smaller organizations. Apart from that, one can also make use of its asset management services and audit confirmations. The Bank offers commercial banking services in the form of corporate trust services, deposits, merchant services, treasury management and more.

Regions Bank is a convenient option for those living in the Southern and Midwestern United States. However, the interest offered in the savings accounts of the bank is not as well as its competitors. However, the bank makes up for it with its checking account and online banking services. The loans and mortgages offered by the bank are also varied in nature and cater to the needs of all its customers.

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