Regions Routing Number

Regions Financial Corporation is a pioneer in the banking and financial services sector which means that they know exactly how to stay on top of the game. Hailing from the Regions Center in Birmingham, Alabama, the company has impressed thousands of customers who now swear by it.

This public bank offers an impressive range of services that includes retail and commercial banking, securities brokerage, insurance products and even mortgage. Regions is a Fortune 500 company, and the only one from Alabama to be on the list.

Considered to be one of the biggest banks in the United States, the bank aims to impress with its efficiency, and dedication.
The bank has been around for almost half a century and is constantly striving to improve its position in the world financial sector. Their customers are satisfied with the fast service they always get from the bank which is proof that they actually value client satisfaction above anything else.

The Bank boasts of 1500 banking offices across the United States and also has 1906 ATM-s. This expansion has been possible because of their progressive mindset and unwillingness to lag behind its competitors.

State Routing/Transit Number
North Carolina053012029
South Carolina053201814

Where to find the Routing Number on the Regions Check?

If you have decided to become a member of the Regions Bank, then you must be aware of two particular numbers which are the Regions account number and the Regions Bank routing number.

The first one is obvious, but you might be wondering what the second one is and why you need it. The Regions routing number is an indicator of the bank’s participation in a particular transaction. All banks have different routing numbers that are used to identify them and the specific branch which the user is associated with. The numerical code is necessary for direct deposits, wire transfers and electronic payments. Also called the ABA number, this is a concept you should be familiar with if you do not want to face problems later on.

Knowing the Regions routing code is not a tough job by any means because the bank prints it on all the checks that it issues. The nine-digit code can be found in the lower left corner of your check. There are no exceptions which means that the routing number can also serve as a way to authenticate the check itself. The first nine digits form your routing number.

The Regions Bank routing number is different based on the states from where the customers have created the account. You can simply check it from your deposit slip and the chequebook, or else you can also choose to visit your nearest branch for more details.