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Operating across 11 southeastern states and Washington D.C., the SunTrust Bank has 1400 branches and 2160 ATMs in the country. The bank is headquarters in Atlanta and is over 125 years old. SunTrust Bank offers services like accounts, credit cards, deposits, loans, trust, and investment. Apart from consumer banking, SunTrust also offers corporate and investment banking, mortgage banking, capital market services, and wealth management.

Here are the all services offered by SunTrust Bank.

Services Offered by SunTrust Bank

The services provided by the SunTrust Bank are spread across both consumer and commercial domains. It offers checking and saving accounts, digital banking and payments, credit cards, mortgages, and wealth management along with commercial banking.

Checking Account

The SunTrust Bank offers 4 types of checking accounts namely, balanced banking, essential checking, select checking, and signature advantage. The balanced banking account charges a monthly fee of $12, essential checking charges $7 a month, select checking charges $15, and signature advantage charges $25. This monthly fee can be waived after meeting certain criteria. Every customer gets a 10% to 25% cash deposit bonus if one opts for a SunTrust cash rewards credit card. The balance banking and essential checking accounts do not offer any interest but the other two, i.e., select checking and signature advantage do offer a certain rate of interest.

Savings Account

SunTrust bank offers 3 types of savings accounts namely, essential savings, select savings, and signature money market savings. The essential savings does not have a monthly fee and does not require one to maintain a minimum balance in the account as well. On the other hand, select savings and signature money market savings comes with a fee of $7 and $15 respectively. Both the account require one to maintain a minimum balance of $100. The monthly fee can be waived if met with a certain criteria. Apart from this, the bank also offers certificate of deposits that require a minimum opening balance of $2000 and have fixed rates of interest for one’s long term and short term goals.

Online Banking

SunTrust Bank offers both online banking and mobile banking options to its customers along with its ATMs across southeastern states and Washington DC. The banking tools allow one to make deposits, pay bills, transfer money, and more. The bank also has a digital wallet for its customers to make use of. This way, the customers can earn cash back as well. For more information on online banking please check this SunTrust online banking login guide.

Credit Cards

The three credit cards provided by the SunTrust Bank are Cash Rewards, Travel Rewards, and Prime Rewards. The Cash rewards card does not have an annual fee and allows the customers to earn cashback on all the qualifying grocery and other shopping items. The travel cards allow one to earn cashback on travel and dining experiences as well. However, the card has an annual fee of $89 from its second year of usage. The Prime card allows cashback on all the qualifying purchases, has lower rate interest and comes with no annual fee as well.

Loans and Mortgages

SunTrust Bank offers home equity, student loans, personal loans, auto loans, and more. It also allows one to plan their loan well so that they’ll be able to return it on time. The bank also offers advice on lines of credit. SunTrust bank comes with both fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages on the house. It also offers different mortgages for veterans, doctors, and for development. The mortgage can be applies for online or dealt with at the bank as well.

Wealth Management and Investments

SunTrust has financial advisors appointed to help you plan your finances and invest your money right to maximize your gains. Based on your financial goals and the risk you’re willing to take, you can save money for your retirement, college, home, and more. The bank also offers mutual funds and IRAs apart from bonds and stocks. SunTrust also has wealth management services where you can manage your priorities and get solutions based on your family, retirement, and career needs.

SunTrust Bank is only spread across the southeastern states and therefore, can only be used by people it’s convenient for. However, the bank provides great digital banking services as well as wallets that can be used through the country. It offers a wide variety of loans and mortgages to cater to the needs of its consumers.

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