SunTrust Routing Number

Suntrust Bank is not a newbie in the finance market. In fact, the history of the bank can be dated as far back as the 19th century which will give you an idea of how much expertise this bank holds in the sector.

Born of The Trust Company of Georgia, the bank has been building its reputation slowly but steadily. The stellar name that they have made for itself is solely to their credit. They have managed to make their presence felt all over the country by establishing around 1400 bank branches and 2600 ATMs.

If you want to be with a bank which has a significant impact on the financial sector, then Suntrust is the one to go for. Since it is one of the largest banks in the country, it has a lot of resources that will help you have the best banking experience. The state-of-the-art technologies they use is one of the reasons why Suntrust is still so popular.

Make your very own Suntrust Checkings account or a Suntrust Savings Account so you can avail the features offered by the bank.

Routing NumberProcess FedwireProcess FedACHRegistered NameLocation
061000104YYSuntrustOrlando, FL
051000020NYSuntrustOrlando, FL
053100465NYSuntrustOrlando, FL
055002707NYSuntrust BankOrlando, FL
061100790NYSuntrust Bank, Northwest GaOrlando, FL
063102152NYSuntrustOrlando, FL
063106750NYSuntrust Bank/ SkylightOrlando, FL
064000046NYSuntrustOrlando, FL

Where to find the Routing Number on the Suntrust Check?

Being a subsidiary of SunTrust Banks, Incorporation, the bank has a nine-digit numeric code which helps identify it during any transaction. This number which is also called the SunTrust Routing Transit Number is given by the American Bankers Association. The thing about routing numbers is that a bank can have more than one depending upon the geographical location of its branches.

Moreover, SunTrust also has different Routing Numbers for electronic and paper transactions. If you want to perform a paper transaction with the help of a check, then you will be able to find the routing number on the check itself.

The SunTrust Routing Number can be located on the front side of the check. Once you open your chequebooks, you will find that all the checks have the Routing Number and ACH RTN printed along with your Bank Account Number and Check Number.

If you want to locate the routing number, just move your eyes towards the bottom. You will see that the ABA Routing Number is printed in the left corner just at the bottom. The first nine digits form the routing number. On the other hand, if you are looking for the Routing Number for Electronic Transaction and Wire Transfer, then you should check the number that is located above your Account Number.