US Bank Routing Number

The bank is based in Minneapolis, but there are branches all across the country which explains the wide customer base of the bank. The U.S. Bank National Association, known as the U.S. Bank, in short, was born from U.S. Bancorp, and is currently one of the best banks in the United States of America.

The reason for its popularity is the bank’s extreme attention to details and overall efficiency in handling all matters. The US Bank has been providing quality services to the public since 1863 and has gathered valuable experience along the way.

You can be sure that the US Bank will be able to provide you with a useful solution no matter what your problem is. The bank deals mainly in matters related to banking, mortgage and investment. Do not make any decisions without the help of the bank. The US Bank believes that their relationships with clients are extremely important so as to foster trust.

State Routing/Transit Number
California - Northern121122676
California - Southern122235821
Colorado - Aspen*102101645
Colorado - all other areas102000021
Illinois - Northern071904779
Illinois - Southern081202759
Iowa - Council Bluffs104000029
Iowa - all other areas073000545
Kentucky - Northern042100175
Kentucky - Western083900363
Minnesota - East Grand Forks*091215927
Minnesota - Moorhead091300023
Minnesota - all other areas091000022
Missouri - Western101200453
New Mexico107002312
North Dakota091300023
Ohio - Cleveland041202582
Ohio - all other areas042000013
South Dakota091408501
all other states091000022

Where to find the Routing Number on the US Bank Check?

If you are not familiar with the banking process, then you must be wondering what a routing number could possibly be?

There are certain things that you need to know when you are trying to make a paper transaction, and the bank routing number is one of them. This is actually a nine-digit number that is allotted to your bank by higher authorities. The number serves as an address and helps to identify the bank and the location from where you opened your account for the first time. Also called the routing transit number or ABA routing number, it is essential if you want to make successful transactions. Failing to provide the number will lead to cancellation.

The nine-digit routing number is given to you based on the location of the U.S. Bank branch where you are registered. For easy access, it is printed on all the checks provided by the bank. If you look towards the bottom left side, you will notice a series of numbers printed in succession. The first set or the first nine digits make up your routing number.

For any kind of transaction with US Bank, you will also require the account number which is printed beside the routing number itself.