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Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, US bank is the seventh largest bank in the United States and fifth largest in terms of assets. The US Bank has 3106 branches and 4842 ATMs across the country. However, the branches of the bank are primarily located in the midwestern United States. The services offered by the bank are accounts, investments, Wealth Management, mortgage, trust, and more. The bank’s convenient and accessible network of branches and ATMs makes it a likeable choice for the customers.

Here are all the services offered by the US Bank.

Services offered by US Bank

The services provided by the US bank are spread across personal, business, and wealth Management domain. The bank provides savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards, wealth Management, and commercial banking.

Online Banking

US bank provides both mobile and online banking options that allows one to deposit checks, transfer funds, and manage the money in the account. One can also pay their bills through the mobile app or online website. US bank also allows one to access their bank account with the help of Amazon Alexa device. One can also set up alerts to keep a better track of your account. For more information on online banking please check this US bank login guide.

Checking Account

US bank offers 7 types of checking accounts which include accounts that are meant especially for students, seniors, and debit card users. US bank also offers silver and gold packages to the consumers who have other accounts as well as an interest-earning account at the bank. The usual monthly fee for the checking account varies from $9 to $20 depending on the type of account. The fee is reduced if one opts for online statement and waived if one maintains an average account balance of $1,500.

Savings Account

US bank offers 8 types of savings accounts which also includes money market accounts. The account types offered are similar to that of checking account with silver, gold, platinum, and standard types. The standard saving account requires a $25 of opening deposit and has a monthly fee of $4. The monthly fee can be waived if the daily balance maintained is $300. The elite money market account requires a $10 monthly fee and $100 opening deposit. However, the silver, gold, and platinum accounts do not have any monthly fee.

Credit Cards

The credit cards offered by the US bank are of 4 types, a customer exclusive card, cash back card, travel cards, and low-interest rate cards. The cash back card allows one to earn cash rewards for every eligible net purchase. The two types of cards under this category are cash+ and cash 365. The former card offers up to 5% cashback for a limited time while the other one offers 1.5% cashback for unlimited time. Apart from these, the u.s. bank also offers travel cards that let you earn points every time you travel. A customer exclusive altitude card gives you extra points and cashback for every purchase and travel expense.

Loan and Mortgages

US bank offers both loans and mortgage is for homes. The mortgage is offered are of the fixed rate and adjustable rate kind along with FHA and VA loans. Apart from these, US bank also offers auto loans, personal loans, boat loans, and more. You can also calculate your home equity rate and the payment you must make on the bank’s website.


US bank offers its customers dedicated Advisors who help them figure out the right investment for them. The advice is given based on one’s financial condition, their goals, and their willingness to take risks. The bank also offers automated Investments that manages your portfolio and does the work on your behalf. You can also make your own account, create and manage your own portfolio.
Similar to all the big banks, the US bank also does not offer great rates of interest when it comes to its accounts. However, the bank customer service is one of its best features along with its wide variety of checking and savings accounts. The bank also offers personalized investment and wealth management experience for its customers, and also managers their portfolios for trading. Overall, if you belong to the Midwestern USA area, the US Bank is one of the most convenient and well service options for you.

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